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The PowerMax is a three-blade tractor in flight adjustable aircraft propeller. The aluminum alloy hub consists of top and bottom flange with lid. The blade adjustment mechanisms are located inside the hub. Increasing of the blade angle is done by the actuator. For the opposite direction, the blades are adjusted through the resistance of spring located inside the hub. The carbon fibre blade has a steel root part and is mounted onto the hub by a pair of axial bearings. The actuator is located outside the hub, above the engine reduction unit, and controls the blade adjustment by a hollow axis of the reduction unit and the propeller.
Designed for Rotax 912 engines
Powermax specifications

Sense of rotation  Left (looking from the front)

Orientation of propeller installation  Tractor

Number of blades  3

Diameter  1748 mm

Max. absorbed engine power  115 hp

Max. propeller speed  2387 ot/min

Angle pitch range  10º

Adjustment speed between outmost positions - with load  4,6 s

Operating temperature range  -25 º +40 ºC

Weight of propeller  10,2 kg

Weight of servo motor  1,25 kg

Weight of spinner  0,5 kg

Outer diameter of spinner  Ø 235 mm

Diameter of mounting flange  Ø 124 mm

Carrier bolts (pitch circle)  Ø 13 mm (101,6 mm)

Fixing screws  M 8

Number of bolts / mounting screws  6

PowerMax Propeller